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Cibap Vocational College for the Creative Arts

What is Cibap?

Cibap Vocational College for the Creative Arts is a secondary vocational education (MBO) college in Zwolle, the Netherlands offering creative courses for 1800 students. Our aim is to help young people develop at the very highest level in creative, entrepreneurial and technical fields.

Our vocational courses equip students with the skills they need to establish themselves in the creative industry, which has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the Netherlands for many years.

The core values of creativity, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, communication and contextual awareness are at the heart of the teaching here at Cibap. Together these values form the 21st century skills the creative industry needs.

Internationalisation is a given for Cibap students. After all, anyone wanting to work in the creative industry will by definition be working internationally, especially in the Netherlands. Dutch Design is a household name across the globe – and for good reason. Students can take part in excursions abroad and can elect to undertake an international internship. Studying abroad is also an option, and it goes without saying that we also welcome students from other countries.



Cibap offers courses at MBO levels 3 and 4. Students can choose one of the following courses at Cibap:

Film maker (AV), graphic designer (DTP) & visual deSigner (signage)
On these creative technical courses in the areas of audiovisual production, graphic design and signage, you learn by doing and making. Bringing an idea to fruition by working on short assignments, individually or in small groups, just as you would in a commercial setting. Mastering the art right down to the finest details. This course can also form the basis for further training on our media designer or 3D designer courses.

Creative Craftsmanship: Wood & Design, Fabrics & Design
On this course students work with various materials including plastic, leather, metal, glass and ceramics, and sometimes also with innovative materials such as grass and algae. They learn to design products such as furniture, bags, sneakers and decorative design objects using these materials and a range of techniques. Aspects such as cost price, safety and functionality must also be considered.

Specialist Painter: Decoration and Restoration Painter
Students on this course study decorative and restoration techniques. They learn to restore and conserve authentic painted finishes, including trompe-l’oeil, imitation wood, marbling and gilding. Decoration techniques such as painting walls or objects with a decorative function are also covered.
Students who excel in restoration can take part in an excellence programme to qualify as a Master Restoration Painter.

Media Designer: Motion Design, Interaction Graphic Design, Creative Technology, Media Communication
On this course students learn to tell a story using images with the aim of conveying a message, still or moving. Students design brochures, corporate identities and websites and create commercials, films, animations, games and apps.

3D Designer: Styling & Instore, Project & Interior Design, Event & Set Design
On this course students design and style spaces using colour, materials and composition to create an experience. This can range from set design to shops and offices to festivals – in other words anything in 3D.

Students can also take part in the Visual Communication excellence programme. This is an international programme offered by Cibap in collaboration with partner school SintLucas and the University of Northampton. This programme is also open to Media Design students.

International Creative Business Developer: All-Round Design, Marketing, Technology
Students design and create various products for a brand strategy for a client in the Netherlands or abroad, such as animations and websites in combination with spatial designs. They work in multidisciplinary and international teams. Thanks to their language skills and international experience, our students make attractive professionals in the international arena.

Design Factory
In the Design Factory, Cibap is creating a new learning and working environment in collaboration with professionals and higher education practitioners. It’s a place where the creative industry and education literally come together.

The Design Factory has two special facilities at its disposal: the Ciblab and the MaterialDistrict Expo, a permanent exhibition of more than 500 unique and innovative materials. The Design Factory also offers workspaces where businesses can work with students in multidisciplinary teams under the name ‘Cibap in Company’ to come up with solutions to meet customers’ needs. In addition, we regularly hold interesting events by and for the creative industry here.

Another way for students to gain hands-on experience is by undertaking internships for a range of companies. All facets of the course are reflected in these internships. Learning by doing is the best way for students to get to grips with their chosen profession.

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